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  • Another Record Broken in North Carolina


    Jeremy Hinson’s crew broke the 24″ DIP record at Gaines and Company, laying 1106 LF of pipe alongside the road on the Pope job at Fort Bragg, NC.

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  • North Carolina Crew breaks Record

    This crew installed 1,400 LF of 16" PVC water main along the road at Fort Bragg on the Pope project. They also installed one fire hydrant, one 16" butterfly valve and one 16X2 tee. The foreman was Darren Martiano.

    This crew installed 1,400 LF of 16″ PVC water main along the road at Fort Bragg on the Pope project. They also installed one fire hydrant, one 16″ butterfly valve and one 16X2 tee. The foreman was Darren Martiano.

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  • April Crew of the Month

    We have not selected any crews for outstanding performance in quite a while, as we have been suffering from rainy, snowing and muddy conditions on most jobsites, which has prevented significant production on most jobs.  One pleasant exception has been Tanyard Springs D-1 and D-2.  The grading on the job was led by Jason Glancy.  Jason was forced to grade the site with utility crews nipping at his heels for pretty much the whole job!  Rod Naylor and his crew came to the site to do some stormwater management work and never left!  Ron Rogers also made a “guest” appearance.  It wasn’t just the outstanding production that they each achieved; it was their ability to work extremely well together, enabling each other to succeed and the company to prosper.

    It wasn’t just Tanyard Springs that Jason and his crew were grading.  Coincidentally, they were working at Tanyard Cove, Tanyard Creekside and Joyce Lane, depending on the day. His crew of Dan Kline, Josh Buzzell, Kyle Davis, Oscar Morales, Julio Jimenez and Pedro Rojas were able to accomplish great things, despite the rotation between sites. One day they were able to import 185 loads of fill from Tanyard Cove to Tanyard Springs. On two other days they moved 135 and 118 loads.

    Rod also had some impressive days, once installing 757 feet of 8” and 4” sewer as well as a manhole.  On another he installed 1,045 LF of 8” ductile iron water pipe along with two fire hydrants, two 6” valves and five fittings. Impressive! Rod also had a day of 790 LF of 8” and 12” water, a fire hydrant, two valves and six fittings.  The next day they installed 820 LF of 12” water line along with five valves, two fire hydrants and four fittings.  Other notable days for Rod and his crew included a day with 580 LF of 8” and 4” sewer and a day with 600 LF of sewer and a manhole.  They followed the next day with 616 LF of sewer, but their most remarkable day was spend laying 740 LF of sewer pipe and a manhole.

    Rod’s crew was, as always led by Miguel Coreas on the excavator, Jim Hindle and Elmer Garcia on the track and wheel loader.  Laying pipe was Joel Rivera who was competently assisted by Ely Rivera, Wil Garcia and Keith Duvall.


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  • Newest Addition to the Gaines Family.

    Bill Gaines and his wife Anna welcomed their third child, John Abraham Gaines on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Lee Gaines 4th grandchild., John Abraham Gaines.

    Lee Gaines 4th grandchild., John Abraham Gaines.

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  • October Crew of the Month

    Two crews worthy of recognition in October were both assigned to the Creekside at Tanyard Job in Pasadena, MD.  Since both the grading and utility hit the ground at nearly the same time, it was essential that they cooperate and respect each other’s operation.  This they did extremely well.

    Jason Glancy led the excavating crew and they attacked the job with a vengeance.  In about one month, they stripped 19,500 CY of top soil, and cut and filled 79,000 CY of material.  This dynamic crew includes Daniel Kline on the 330 supplemented by Steve Dawson on the Volvo 360.  Kyle Davis was the dozer man assisted by Oscar Morales and Josh Buzzell.  The HM300s were operated by Brian Donovan, Zac Cofield, Ulysses Montes, Mike Elliot and Beau Grove.  On the rollers were Webster Jackson and Jeremy Cofield.  Charlie Burns assisted on the CAT 953 from time to time.  Congratulations on a job well done.

    Following closely behind Jason’s crew in production was Ron Roger’s pipe crew.  Ronnie’s crew likewise hit the job with a vengeance.  They are led by Steve Warch on the excavator and pipe layer Estaban Valles.  Veteran Roger Grimm and Jose Andino did excellent work on the loaders.  Assisting with pipe laying and compaction were Ignacio Portillo, Oscar Amaya and Jose Valles.

    After knocking out some storm drain including some 53” x 34” elliptical, they jumped on the sewer portion of the job, averaging over 350 feet a day, laying mostly sewer deeper than 14 feet, a very impressive feat.  On one day, they laid 216 feet of 19-20’ deep sewer. Wow!  Another day they laid 691 feet of sewer and on a third day they laid 470 feet.  Tremendous job all around!

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