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  • Crews of the Month

    Production this fall has been excellent all up and down our geographical area. At Fort Bragg we have performed a valuable service not only installing new water lines, but also Mark Butcher has gone to great lengths in understanding the water system and keeping it on line through literally hundreds of tie-ins and shutdowns. Under his leadership, this has involved many successful all-night tie-ins which are not easy to accomplish. Jeremy Hinson and crew had a particularly good month at Division having many days over 300-600 LF. Most days however were spent doing multiple tie-ins in which they excelled. Key members of his crew include operators Matt Gleeson, Jack Sehestedt and JR Gleeson, pipe layer Joe Fulton and helpers Jamie Sequin and Edgar Lennar. Thanks to all for a great effort.
    In Maryland, where the work has been more traditional dig and backfill, there were also some particularly high achieving crews, even beyond the very solid contribution from every crew. Keith Collins and his crew of Bryan Kerns (excavator), Jim Hindle (track loader), Christian Perez (wheel loader), Carlos González (pipe layer), and helpers Alfonso Ticas, Victor Rivera did great work at Jacobs Landing. This job involved bringing off site water and sewer down an existing street, among many buried utilities to the site. The half-finished site was left a mess by the previous owners. Keith continued onto the site, helped clean it up, finished ahead of schedule and delivered the finished lots to our customer.
    Ever Sorto and his crew were sent down to Upper Marlboro to complete the latest phase of Beechtree. With operators Alvaro Orellana and Will Griffin, they worked this job aggressively. Even in the fairly deep cuts they were able to lay consistent 350-500 feet of sewer per day. Led by pipe layer Carlos Lopez, helper Daniel Lopez, Francisco Leon, Joel Rivera, they were also able to break 1,000 feet of 8” water line one day. It was a great effort throughout the whole job.
    The most impressive performers of the fall were turned in by Pat Dixon and his largely new crew. Led by veteran hoe operator Brian Gifford, loader operator Wayne Allen and pipe layer Alfredo Manzano, their crew attacked each job with vengeance. At Wilson’s Grove, they were able to consistently produce near record footage of 165-200 LF per day while digging over 20’ in depth. On shallower cuts of 18’, they pushed production +/- 250-310’. On 14’ cuts they reached 400 LF one day. Other crew members included Daniel Torres, Aristides Calderon, Mike Wrede and Cody Darling. As always, a great effort by this crew.

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  • August Crew of the Month

    As I tried to come up with an August crew of the month, it was apparent that each and every crew had a strong month.
    Our two newest pipe foreman, Ever Sorto and Gary Collins had very good results even though they were jumping around from job to job quite a bit. Keith Collins has a very strong month at Jacobs Landing. Pat and his crew did their usual kick-ass job at Tanyard Cove, finishing well ahead of schedule. The job that really got the most notice was Fairland where Ronnie, Rod and Ever basically finished the job in half the promised time, making our new customer extremely happy. Although each crew did an excellent job, the Ron Rogers crew was able to produce at an even higher level and is the utility crew of the month.
    As far as grading, we also had a good month. Jason Glancy bounced from Joyce Lane to Tanyard Cove and did well. Jim Cree’s crew moved a lot of dirt in Reisterstown. Bill Gaines and crew did amazing things at Wilson’s Grove with a super charged crew. They consistently moved 4,000-5,000 yards a day and topped out at 7,000 yards. That a lot of loading trucks and pushing dirt! They also are the crew of the month.
    Due to everyone’s efforts, August was our best month in 7 years! That’s pretty amazing. Great work!

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  • Lee Gaines meets Paul Ryan

    2013 Lee-Paul RyanBudget comittee chairman Paul Ryan and Lee Gaines discuss ideas to cut down on the federal deficit at the Red, White and Blue Dinner in Baltimore on June 20th.

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  • 16 Year Records Fall at Fort Bragg.

    Darren Martiano's crew @ Fort Bragg. June 4, 2013.

    Darren Martiano’s crew @ Fort Bragg. June 4, 2013.

    On June 4th, Darren Martiano’s crew laid 2,060 LF of water pipe, 1280’ of 8” PVC and 780’ of 12” PVC.  In addition they installed 13 values and fittings while working on the Chicken Rd. job at Fort Bragg.  This impressive achievement was the second most 12” pipe laid in a day and also the second most pipe of any size laid in a day.  Veteran Luis Ramirez dug the trenches.  Charles Howard back filled and Celso Ramirez ran the wheel loader.  Laying all that pipe was pipe layer Celso Adame, Travis Peterkin, Manuel Ramirez and Aaron Aleman.  Great work!

    Not to be outdone, one week later, on June 11th, Jeremy Hinson and crew laid 2,320 LF of 12” PVC along with 9 valves and fittings.  That topped the record of 12” pipe set by Pat Dixon at Farmington Village in 1997 of 1,615’. On Jeremy’s crew were excavator operator Matt Gleeson, track loader operator Jack Sehestedt, and wheel loader operator John Gleeson.  Laying pipe was Joe Fultin who was capably assisted by James Sequin, George Stump, Corey Hawkins, Jeremy Fortson and Dana Pelletier.  That fantastic day topped the all-time record for waterline any size of 2,250’.  That record was set by the same Pat Dixon crew at Farmington Village, a.k.a. Shramms Turkey Farm in 1997.  Laying pipe for Pat was Frank Lawson and digging was Aubrey Wagner.

    Congratulations to all who participated in these outstanding productive days, including superintendent Mark Butcher who helped the crews “gear up” for their big days.  Both of the crews were working just feet off a paved roadway, so backfill a compaction had to be kept close at all times.

    Jeremy Hinson's Crew sets a new record in June 2013.

    Jeremy Hinson’s Crew sets a new record in June 2013.

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  • 2013 Party for a Cure Event

    On June 5th Gaines and Company along with The Barbour Group and Medifast successfully hosted the fifth annual “Party for the Cure” event to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  The night was a booming success raising over $70,000 for children and families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.  The proceeds are to be used to support summer camp for the children, needed equipment, clinical visits to Johns Hopkins and research dollars. The silent auction items donated were a huge hit and drew plenty of competition among bidders, especially over an original Daren Guest portrait of Ray Lewis.  After an evening of good food, great music, and fabulous company, the night concluded with the presentation of the 2013 State of Maryland Shining Star award given to Lee & Myrt Gaines for their continued efforts, dedication and support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

    Lee, Myrt, Karen Barbour, Kellie Pizzico, Jennifer Gilbert and three MDA Embassadors pose for a group shot.

    Lee, Myrt, Karen Barbour, Kellie Pizzico, Jennifer Gilbert and three MDA Embassadors pose for a group shot.

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